Laptop Resurrection

My adventures in Linux and using it to save one poor negelcted laptop.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

New Version

Right now I'm downloading VectorLinux version 4.3. Since there was a request for pictures I will get a disposable camera tomorrow and take pictures of the installation and get a picture disk with it when I get it developed. Just be patient I'll get those pictures up as soon as i can pay to have them developed.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Working Again

I found an easier way to get LiLO working without having to re-install Vector Linux. I found that you can use the install cd as a boot disk so at the start-up prompt I put in linux root=/dev/hda2 (where linux is installed on my hard drive) and hit enter. Once I got to shell I logged on as root and ran /sbin/liloconfig to setup lilo. Now I can tackle my next major problem, audio.

I tried installing the soundblaster drives but I get errors. I'm going to dowload ALSA (hopefully) tomorrow when I get internet access at my house (I'm at the public library).

Saturday, October 23, 2004

My First Post

Hello in Blogging Land. Here is my blog on my efforts to resurrect an old laptop. I've had it for a couple months now and I thought I would give some background and the current state.


I got and NEC Ready 120LT for helping repair someones pc. The perks of beeing a neighborhood geeky is that you commonly get paid for services with old equipment. The system specs are

A Cyrix 200Mhz Processor
2 Gigabyte Hard Drive.

When I got home I started up the laptop and learned 2 things. 1, My little laptop could only hold a charge of 3 minutes and that it took Windows 98 more then that long to load. So I got on my desktop and dowloaded several linux ditributions. I Downloaded Debian, Knoppix, College Linux and Vector Linux. I also had Fedora Cores 1 & 2. I tried installing College First which didn't work because the hard disk was to small so I went with Vector and it worked. I normally would have tried the other ones but my family and myself were in the middle of a move from Anchorage, Alaska to Pocatello, Idaho. We drove down and as we stayed in hotels i wouls fiddle with it but nothing major.

Fast forward to last night. I found all my linux intall disks and thought i would try installing something different.


I started with the Fedora's. Core 1's installer crashes on start up and Core 2 restarts the system as it's starting to boot. Next i tried Debian but about Halfway through installing the base system it froze up. Come to find out I had a major gash in the CD. So I went back to Vector. I installed vector and everything went fine. I rebooted and what the crap should come up but a horrible sight. L 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40.... making its way across the screen. I think LILO the boot loader broke during the installation. Not the first time so I get to start over by trying to reinstall Vector again and see if I can get LILO working.

Well theses are the state of things as they stand now.

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