Laptop Resurrection

My adventures in Linux and using it to save one poor negelcted laptop.

Friday, November 12, 2004

3 distros later...

Over the past week I have tried Debian, Red Hat 9.0 and Slackware. The end result. I'm back with Vector. It seems the most stable and easiest to use. Tomorrow I'm going to do some customization. Uninstall some uneeded programs and maybe add a few. Right now the ultimate goal is to make this laptop usable for writing. (I write Science Fiction short stories).

I was also going to install Fedora Core 3 on my families PC but do to problems like my disks failing the media test, cheap unreliable burning software (tip: you get what you pay for when you download free burning software), and the fact that the installer won't boot into the graphical installer, minggled with the fact that we just moved from Alaska and I can't find our system restore disks made me decide not to mess with Linux on the family PC.


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