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Friday, November 05, 2004

Anti-Linux Propoganda on a Linux Site

Here is a paragraph I saw on the website

We urge our visitors to boycott LINUXTODAY.COM. LINUXTODAY.COM is currently sponsored by Microsoft Corporation and displays sponsored anti-Linux content on its web site. We consider this practice immoral and hypocritical for a web site that acts as a Linux advocacy resource.

I checked out this claim and it's true. has Microsoft Banner Ads that link to the "Microsoft Whitepapers" that claim that Linux is 4 times hard and 3 times more expensive than linux.

If you would like to see my thoughts on the matter I have them posted at The post got locked so you can't reply but you can still see it. Just Click Here


At November 10, 2004 at 6:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was an eye-opener. I for one will make a point of never visiting unless I hear that they have declined further advertising from Microsoft and apologized for ever accepting it in the first place.

I took up Linux because I could no longer tolerate the immoral and predatory tactics of Microsoft and would no longer support them by using their products. Now 100% MS free, Linux is not easy for me, but I will quit using computers before I will use Microsoft. Period.

Jon Rutherford, Kansas City, MO (fellow LQ member, by the way)
(Only "anonymous" because I don't wish to have a Blogger account just now.)


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