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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I got VL 4.3 intalled

I got VL 4.3 installed. I got a kodak plus digital disposable camera and got most of the process on film. However I ran out as I started going through the best new feature of version 4.3.

That new feature is that the VL team got rid of the out dated Red Hat Sound Configuration tool and opted to use ALSA. One of my biggest problems was that I couldn't get the sound to work and i was going to try ALSA anyway but VL has version 1.0.5 included in the installer(if you try VL and ALSA doesn't work for your sound card they have versions 1.0.6 and 1.0.7-rc1 on the ALSA site). So far my biggest pet peeve is that they dooped FireFox for Mozilla Classic. Not only is Firefox a better browser in my opinion but I couldn't get Mozilla to start on my lowly machine. I started mozilla, went to the bathroom, got something to drink and ate some pizza. 5 minutes later I come back and mozilla still hasn't started. I was using the IceWM which has a graph on the toolbar that shows CPU and Memory usage and they were maxed out so I ctrl-alt-backspace'd out of x and shutdown. It doesn't make much difference to me because I currently don't have a network card for internet access on my laptop and they have Dillo for a low resource web browser but it's things like that, that can make a stellar distro like Vector Linux an extordinary one, a 4 star instead of 5. I still love vector and would recommend it to any newbie with a slow machine.

My money resources have been drained for the time being so unless I can get a job or "persuade" some money from my parents it might take a little while to get the pictures up. Hmmm...I need to find that add for donating plasma for money. (FYI Plasma is your blood without the blood cells).

For information on Vector-Linux click here
For information on ALSA click here

A few things I need to do in the coming months

Download CUPS (printer drivers)
Get a used printer (I can use the family printer but it's a pain to have to unplug it from the family pc, plug it into my laptop, then put it back)
Find an old serial or paralell (butchered that spelling I think) port floppy drive
Get a network card (preferably wireless)
find some more RAM


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