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Friday, November 05, 2004

Installing FireFox, and thinking about Slacking off

I just finished installing FireFox on my laptop and I must say I was plesantly surprised. Instead of most linux software that you have to compile from source FireFox actually has an installer. You uncompress the file to whatever dircetory you have it in (/usr/local/src in my case) open up your file browser, head to the firefox-installer folder (/usr/local/src/firefox-installer) , click on the install icon and follow the on-screen instructions. Firefox is installed into the firefox-installer folder so if you want to make an icon on your desktop head over there and the program is, of course, called firefox.

Also since I have VectorLinux installed and running (to the best of my knowledge) perfectly I might try a harder distribution such as Slackware (What VectorLinux is based on) or Gentoo in the coming weeks. I'm hoping that if I go with Slackware that most of it is optional packages because Slackware is 4 cd's and simple arithmetic will show that, that comes to 2.4 Gigabytes and my hard drive is only 2, not to mention that 128MB of that is in the SWAP partition. But I guess there's only 1 way to find out. By doing.


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