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Friday, November 05, 2004

Slackware Disk 1 75.9% and Pictures coming

I've got Slackware Disk 1 at 75.9% completed from bittorrent. I started last night about 11:30 pm so at this rate it'll take about 24 hours a cd. I'm going to get on later and see about a different bittorrent client. Hopefully it'll work faster because with 4 cd's to download it could take forever.

Soon I will be able to include digital photos. I convinced my parents to get me a $20 digital camera. Unfortunatly I will have to wait to get my disposable camera developed, but if I get a chance I might just reinstall Vector Linux to take the pictures of the installation. The pictues aren't the best quality they're only 640x480 but I don't want any massive pictures anyway. I think they'll be big enough to put up here.

On a side note Fedora Core 3 final release is supposed to be out on Monday. Time to increase my current Linux partition on my pc from 15-20 or 30 gigs.


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